Tooth paste is harmful

Tooth paste:-

When we were growing up, everyone certainly brushed their teeth with toothpaste, and this was considered one of the good habits required to have a clean mouth and prevent cavities.
You may have been repeatedly advised that if you brush, floss, and go to the dentist twice a year, you will have good dental health.

Even so, many people discovered that regardless of their good habits, they still had dental problems such as cavities, gum bleeding, unpleasant breath, and more.

If toothpaste is the magic cleaner for our teeth, why is the incidence of cavities at an all-time high? And why do most brands of toothpaste come with a big warning label that reads, “may be harmful if swallowed”

The chemicals used in commercial toothpastes are not among those things you want in your mouth. These synthetic ingredients are more appropriate for industrial purposes than for cleaning the delicate tissues of the body or cultivating oral health.

There are several chemicals present in the tooth paste which can harm you in many ways. Some of them are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan, Hydrated Silica..But that doesn’t mean you should stop using toothpaste. This is a caution message for toddlers and adults to use it wisely.


1) Use minimum required quantity of toothpaste which is required to brush. Use only pea sized amount of tooth paste which should be enough to perform its cleaning action.
2) Always check with your kids if they are spitting the paste and rinse the mouth thoroughly. 3) Do not prolong the brushing time more than required.

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