When we were growing up, everybody actually brushed their teeth with toothpaste, and this was thought of one amongst the nice habits needed to own a clean mouth and stop cavities.
You may are repeatedly suggested that if you brush, floss, and move to the tooth doctor twice a year, you’ll have smart dental health.

Even so, many folks discovered that no matter their sensible habits, they still had dental issues like cavities, gum trauma, unpleasant breath, and more.

If toothpaste is that the magic cleaner for our teeth, why is that the incidence of cavities at associated comparable high? Why do most brands of toothpaste keep company with a giant warning label that reads, “may be harmful if swallowed”

The chemicals utilized in business toothpaste don’t seem to be among that stuff you need in your mouth. These artificial ingredients are a lot of acceptable for industrial functions than for the improvement of the fragile tissue of the body or cultivating oral health.

There are many chemicals present within the toothpaste which may hurt you in many ways. a number of them are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan, hydrated oxide. But that does not mean you ought to stop using toothpaste. This can be a caution message for toddlers and adults to use it wisely.


1) Use the minimum needed amount of toothpaste that is needed to brush. Use the solely pea-sized quantity of toothpaste that ought to be enough to perform its cleansing action.
2) Always talk to your children if they’re spitting the paste and rinse the mouth totally.

3) Do not prolong the brushing time more than needed.

Bottom line is toothpaste is an integral a part of our everyday life. we can’t avoid using it and travel to the previous traditional brushing techniques. however, we will definitely modify the usage sanely to avoid unwell effects of them.

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