Why I’m in pain

You are in pain which has not been diagnosed in spite of visiting several physicians and specialists. You would possibly be living with temporomandibular joint( jaw joint) dysfunction.
There will be a variety of symptoms that aren’t associated with your tooth, a number of these are

• Horrible Migraine-Like Headaches
• Neck pain
• Jaw Ache
• Clicking In Your Jaw
• Ringing Or obstructedEars
• Grinding And Clenching Of Teeth
• Stabbing Pain Behind Your Eyes
• Sore Shoulders
• Facial Pain
• Tingling Or symptoms  In Your Arms, Hands Or Fingers
• Problems along with your Posture
• Dizziness


Your jaw joint( TMJ) is the union of your upper and lower jawbone, once your teeth meet in the wrong manner for an extended time it causes tremendous stress on the joint. This causes strain on numerous muscles of neck and face.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) /jaw joint is that the most used joint within the body… Yes, it’s true it’s more used collectively than even your knee.

As other joints have soft tissues inside them so will the TMJ too has and those got to be maintained in a very healthy state for a healthy joint.

Who is the culprit??

Your TMJ Pain might get damaged by many reasons few of them are listed below
• Bad dentures And Crown over a Long period.
• Missing teeth.
• Hyperactive muscles of the face.
• Age-related wearing of joint.
• Wrong alignment of teeth since childhood.
• Bad Posture.
Majority of TMJ problem arises either from missing teeth or unhealthy dentures. However alternative reason mentioned above can’t be unnoticed.

We have mentioned consequences of the missing tooth in our earlier journal wherever the TMJ dysfunction may be major consequence arise from missing teeth https://dhapekarsdentalcare.com/missing-teeth-never-ignore/


Diagnosis of TMJ issues is vital to provide the correct reasonably treatment. History of pain, its nature and careful clinical examination is completed before we make the ultimate diagnosis.
Specialized x-rays are also needed to verify the diagnosis.


There are varied treatment choices for TMJ issues. Treatment depends on the stage and intensity of the matter.
In the early stages, few exercises for the joint is suggested with weekly follow-ups. Night guards will be given to take off the load from your joint.

In advanced stage Muscle deprogramming devices will be fabricated and removal splints that appear as if acrylic dentures will yield wonderful relief from the symptoms.

Usually surgery we place as the last choice to treat the TMJ problem. Majority of the patient gets relief with the conservative treatment protocol.

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