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All Regarding Teeth Whitening:-                                          

A teeth whitening is the most typical inquiry in all dental clinics and one in every of the widely performed procedure within the clinics. It’s a decent enough reason for being in one of the highest inquiries. The rationale is straightforward we all want bright white teeth. There are so many teeth whitening products within the market, however, are they safe to use? we’ll establish why you must select them with wisdom for you.

We will go searching all the aspects of teeth whitening today together with the preventive measures while selecting the correct teeth whitening kit for you.

Let’s begin with the idea of what is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a layman’s term, and a few times we have a tendency to get confused in teeth cleanup (scaling and polishing) and teeth bleaching.

Scaling or teeth cleanup is removing your plaques associated deposits on your teeth with a scaler supersonic machine or by hand tools. Teeth whitening is the associated extension of the cleanup procedure which boosts your brightness with the use of GELS/PASTES containing peroxide (most usually used).

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s a safe and tested procedure if done below a medical oversight. Self-use without recommendation should strictly avoid. It will cause permanent injury to your tooth structure if used in the wrong concentrations and frequency.

How did it work?

With carbonated and other acidic beverages, teeth get intrinsic stains that cannot get cleared by routine cleanup procedures. Bleaching agents within the paste/ gels penetrate and lighten the stains from within the tooth.

How it’s done?

We do it in 2 ways:

1) Home teeth bleaching:–We take the measurement of your teeth and make special trays of your teeth size. We give the gels containing hydrogen peroxide to the patients. These gels are to be utilized in the correct manner as directed.  We create these trays from transparent materials and you have to wear them three to four hours every day with gels within.

2) Office teeth bleaching:–this is a dental clinic procedure that sometimes lasts for forty-five minutes wherever the gel is applied to your teeth after protecting your soft gums. Then the gel is cured with a special light or dental, optical device for a certain amount of time.

How often you’ll be able to do it?

The frequency of bleaching depends on several factors like

  1. Your teeth conditions
  2. Choice of bleaching material
  3. Your cosmetic demands
  4. Intensity of stains
    After analysis of the above factors, your dental practitioner can guide you with the frequency with that you’ll be able to have teeth whitening safely in the long-term. For patients with sensitive teeth or with a lot of wear and tear the frequency are less. The selection of material and its concentration may be different in several cases.

Teeth whitening price: – For a complete price list click here    Payment And Fees

Safety note:– Don’t fall for a market gimmick and chose your teeth whitening kit arbitrarily as a trial thing. always consult your dental practitioner before putting something inside your mouth as its misuse will have a substantial injury to the tooth structure.

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