Your Tooth Is Alive

The most exciting issue regarding our mouth is that your teeth are alive and not a dead bone. They grow similar to our alternative organs and they reply to several factors such as nutrition, injury and microorganisms.

It is necessary to know what teeth, saliva, and gums are all about. Let’s have a fast summary of all the structures in our mouth.

The Tooth Anatomy:-

The structure within the centre of the tooth is well-known as PULP. This pulp contains blood vessels that provide nutrition to the tooth and nerves that carry sensation to the tooth.

The pulp is extended until the root tips at the bottom through root canals. This pulp is extraordinarily fragile. 2 protective coverings are there to en box the pulp i.e. dentin that is yellow and it’s nearer to a pulp. The second and outer layer is enamel that is white.

The enamel decides the ultimate colour of the tooth. Stronger the enamel structure the brighter the tooth look.

Then comes the gums (gingiva), it offers the close and protective covering to your tooth. It even acts as a barrier and protects the intrusion of being from outside. There are over 400 species of the microorganism that try to enter your blood through our mouth. Healthy gums provide protection from all of them.

The roots of the tooth are connected to the jawbone with the structure called cementum and attachment fibre. This acts as a cushion and protects the tooth from biting forces.

Every tooth structure has its own role and importance.

Apart from gums dentin and different tooth structures serves an important role to require care of it into a healthy state.

In coming blogs, we are reaching to discuss the method of cavity formation and different problems within the mouth.

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