Today i am giving you some reasons and some tips to smile bigger and to smile often..
As we all know we don’t have dental insurance in force in India so we really have to be aware and alert about what is happening inside our oral cavity.Cost of dental treatment reduces to more than 50 % if we choose the right time to perform it.
Always remember dentistry is not expensive but our negligence makes it expensive in most of the cases.

As we all know everybody is reluctant to visit the dentist mainly for 2 reasons:

 1.It will be a painful venture  

2.Dental treatment would be an expensive deal.

We have covered  about the phobia about the pain in dental office and how to manage it in our earlier blogs. Today i will tell you how you can plan your dental expenses well inside your budget.
Always remember preventive treatments are  less expensive..less time consuming and more comfortable.
Followings are the preventive dental treatment :
A Counseling about maintaining oral.hygiene
B Regular professional teeth cleaning.
C.Anti cavity gel application(varnish)for children and adults
D. Filling the cavities in early stages.
E. And last but not least is followups of your treatment done.


The professional guidance is very important and critical aspect in maintaining good oral health. For e.g Wrong brush and wrong Brushing techniques can compromise your in long run.
Techniques and hygiene maintenance standards are different for different  individual .For example one type brush or one type of brushing techniques cannot be advised for all individuals. So always have your personal instruction from your dentist.With counseling about brushing,flossing and other oral hygiene tips you are going to save lot of money by stopping future dental.problems which may occur if  do not follow them.

B.Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning:

Your dentist can best decide how frequently you would require you teeth cleaning.and with regular teeth cleaning.and with regular teeth cleaning your 40 to 60 percent of dental problem can be prevented.And so you can save lots of money by just doing your regular cleaning visits with your dentist.

C.Anti Cavity Gel Application:
Anti cavity gel is widely used in children which contains fluorides.Fluorides have anti cavity properties and they prevent the tooth from getting cavity up to 70 percent. These Gels has to be applied in dental office and
they are very effective in preventing the cavities.
D. Filling The Cavities Before Pain Starts:
Once the pain starts in your tooth, mostly it is the sign of rot canal treatment. That doesn’t mean every painful tooth requires it .Generally root cause of the pain in your tooth or teeth are the nerves due to extension of the cavity which you have ignore from long.It takes years for the cavity to go deep till the nerves to start the pain but we always ignore the dental treatment if there is no pain. so regular checkups and filling the cavities before it touches your nerve can save you lots of money and time.
For those whom root canal has been advised or pain has already started get it done as soon as possible to avoid loosing of that tooth permanently. The reason is simple, the replacement of a lost tooth will cost you more than saving it with root canal treatment.And replacement never replaces the original, it can only mimic the original.E. Regular Follow Up:

Last but not the least always follow up with your dentist for your existing treatment done as advised by your dentist.Unlike general hospital setup dental clinics are not fearful so feel homely there and keep following up of your treatments done in past whether everything is working right or not. You cannot find this by our own by looking in to the mirror so correcting it on time will again save your money.

Know your treatment preference:
Some dental treatments can be kept on hold and some needs immediate attention.Discuss openly with your dentist about your financial constraints and planning and do high preference treatments on priority and rest you can plan in coming weeks as advised .