Are you facing sleep problems ( sleep apnea)?? Do you snore at night?

Snoring is the warning sign for a sleep disorder. It can have a major impact on your overall health, especially on the heart.

Why do I need to see a dentist for snoring and sleep problems?

There is a close relation of your disturbed sleep with your oral condition. In many cases, the dentist can find out the reason for your snoring and sleep disorders by a thorough examination and his experience.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

Long-time snoring is the most common sign, others are day time lethargy, waking up with dry mouth and morning headache.

What is the dental connection?

Noisy breathing often indicates less space for air to move in and out. The compromised space can be due to your large size of the tongue.

Another reason for less space in your jaws is if the lower jaw is placed too backwards u get a very little space to breathe that makes your breathing noisy and disturbed sleep.

Various other factors in your oral cavity that can lead to snoring which has to be ruled out first before you choose any major corrective surgery or treatment for your sleep disorders.

What is the treatment?

After examination, if we found necessary we advise sleep studies to our patient first. Few Xrays can be advised to see the jaw positions.

If you are already using a nightguard its best to see the specialist dentist customize it for you. Well, customized nightguard helps in snoring and also reduces the muscle tension to ease the pain.

Though snoring doesn’t sound serious for many of us but it can have major health impact in long run.

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