root canal treatment

We all are quiet familiar with the word Root Canal Treatment. This is the treatment option for your teeth when your tooth cavity gets advanced till your nerves deep inside.

Though with regular checkups and fillings in early stages we can prevent the root canal treatment but for those whose cavities got un noticed since long and had been advised the root canal treatment should read the following article.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

As discussed in earlier blog (tooth-structure) our tooth needs nutrition to stay in healthy state.

This nutrition and sensations to our tooth is supplied by the bunch of soft structure which lies in the center of the tooth. We call it as a PULP.

When  pulp gets damaged permanently either by progression of your cavities deep or any accidental injury where your nerves( pulp) gets exposed to the environment, it is the time to get the root canal done to save the tooth.

This is the tooth saving procedure with high success rates. Today with lots of advancement in root canal procedure there are more than 90 % of success rate.


Why do we need to save the tooth?

The simple answer is we don’t have replacement system working in our mouth more than once. Once your permanent tooth is lost, it is lost forever. And missing tooth has long term consequences in your mouth. Click Here to Know More about the consequences of missing teeth.
Missing teeth not only reduce the chewing efficiency but also they change your looks to great extent. Missing teeth puts lot of additional burden on the remaining teeth making them more prone to cavities and fracture.

What if we ignore the root canal?

Delaying root canal treatment may damage your healthy tooth to the extent beyond repair and you may lose the tooth.
Infection can travel to the neighboring tooth and may cause swollen face.
Cracked or fractured tooth may cause unwanted movement of surrounding tooth thereby disturbing your balance and equilibrium on both the side of jaws. This makes further treatment more complex and expensive.

Is it economical to get root canal done?

Yes it is far more economical in comparison with replacing the tooth after its removal.
More of no material and technology can match with the quality of natural tooth what we have in our mouth.

Note:- Never leave your treatment halfway it may lead to reinfections and may complicate the further treatment.

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