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We often opt for dental treatments when it hurts you somewhere. We do the treatment, the pain subsides and we forget to visit again. This is a common practice where we aim to treat the pain but not the root cause.

It is very much possible to prevent 80 to 90% of dental problems to progress to an advanced stage by just doing Regular Follow ups with your dentist.

Today we will discuss the importance why you should visit your dentist as advised by him/her.

1) Pre-treatment/ Preventive Dental Follow ups:

This is regular checkup of your overall dental health/condition of the gums and your oral hygiene status.

This checkup should ideally be done twice a year or at least once a year for every individual including kids. These follow-ups will detect the progression of any cavities/gum problems in an early stage. The treatment in early stages is less complex, less expensive and less time-consuming.

So it saves your level of discomfort, money and time.

On a contrary without followups your cavities, gum problems and other serious oral problems grow silently and when they reach advanced levels. They start showing the symptoms.

Majority of the oral cancers are well known for their silent killing nature. It is difficult to check your own mouth for early signs for cancers.

2) After treatment / Post Treatment Dental Followups:

Every individual has a different response to the same treatment. It is utmost important to check responses in many cases depending on the nature of the treatment. Some treatments needs follow up on next day..some needs in  3 days some in weeks and so on…This followup helps the doctor to see the outcome of the treatment and it becomes easier to find out if any modifications or corrections are required or not.

Some treatments like root canal treatment and implants require follow-ups for several years to keep watch on the outcome of the treatments. Your dentist will best advice the time duration and frequency of the followups. Never ignore them.

We at “Dhapekars Dental Care ” maintain the follow-up records and watch closely the progress of the treatment given. It helps us to give our patients the best possible treatment options and take corrective measures before its too late.

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