Is your child is reluctant to visit the dentist? Dental fear among kids is natural but gaining the confidence is the key.

Child’s cooperation in dental clinic is critical factor in delivering the treatment effectively.
Though we make every effort to help children comfortable during work appointments it is utmost important  for the parents to council their kids before and during the treatment at home.

Lets Find Out The Ways To Prepare Your Child For Dental Treatments.

Regular dental checkups:

Regular visit to the dental clinic has lots of benefits like in early stages preventive treatments are less aggressive and are not scary to the kids compare to the advance treatment options in later stages.
Another benefit of a child vising to the dental clinic regularly is he /she gets familiar to many things in dental clinic. They get to know various sounds of drills.With familiar things children s  are usually cooperative.

Never express your fear in front of your child :

Some parents express their feelings in common language like it hurts …it pains based on their past experiences,this is the bad idea.Always reinforce positives in front of your child and make it a learning experience for your kid.

Play a dentist patient game before first visit:

Pretending game of you being a dentist helps him to set his expectations in dental clinic and those expectations can be controlled and modified by the parents easily.Don’t detail him too much for the first visit keep it simple and concise.  

Choosing A Right Word To Explain The Treatment:-

these are few examples of alternative words you can use for your child to explain him about the dental treatment experience.

Cavity               :        Tooth Bug
X-ray                :        Taking pictures of your tooth in black and white.
Injection            :        Sleepy juice or Sleepy water
Numb Feeling    :        Fat fuzzy warm feeling
Suction              :        Straw or bug catcher
Silver filling        :        Silver star
White filling        :        White star
Crown              :         Shiny silver  protection hat
sealant              :         Tooth paint