Pregnancy And Oral Health

One of the best news we could ever get as a parent is somebody is expecting, isn’t it? When you are expecting there would be millions, of changes in your body for the following nine months.

How dental health plays an important role in your overall well being?

The changes within the hormonal system in your body have an effect on your oral health and these changes increase the risks of oral issues in those nine months.

Let’s resolve what are the risks and the way to avoid them.

1) Pregnancy Gingivitis:- this is the most common condition in pregnancy where your gums get swollen and bleed even with a small touch. This is called pregnancy gingivitis. Try using a soft brush to get rid of food debris gently; hard brushes will irritate your gums.
Using warm saline gargles with salt at least two times every day to cut back microorganism load in your mouth. 

2) Cavities: If you’ve got existing cavities it’s better to get them filled as in pregnancy the cavities will bother you. Long extended dental visits are to be avoided in the later stages of pregnancy. Thus as soon as u get the news get yourself checked with the dental practitioner and do the fillings. 

3) Pregnancy Tumor: there’s nothing to get scary by the name tumour here as they’re not spreading (malignant) tumours. in the second trimester, the gums between the 2 teeth get swollen and it becomes bright red giving raspberry like look. The dental practitioner will treat them if it’s inflicting major discomfort to you however typically they disappear once the kid is born.

4) Morning discomfort: several pregnant ladies feel acid within the mouth after they rise from the bed. This is again because of secretion changes and you will feel to rush for brushing. In such situation rinse your mouth with baking soda before brushing could be a good selection. Baking soda is basic, that means it’ll help neutralize the acid from your abdomen. Mix a couple of teaspoon of it into a cup of water, then use the mixture to rinse out your mouth before brushing.

5) When to do dental treatment:- the second trimester is the best time to induce minor dental treatments like cavity fillings, professional dental cleaning. Tooth removal and different surgical treatments are best avoided till your kid is born. Teeth cleaning can be done in the first trimester. Dental appointments for extended periods ought to be avoided within the third trimester.
X-rays can even be safely taken with a lead coat that is accessible in a dental clinic. Certain medications that cannot cross your placenta are often taken safely to keep your pain and discomfort in control.

Pregnancy brings substantial changes in your body; remember it is equally necessary to take care of your oral health as your remainder of body will. Allow us to assist you to share your pretty smile to welcome your baby to this world.

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