Bad breath is often annoying once we communicate or speak with somebody from a close distance. It’s not only losing your confidence but also it has many disadvantages as far as oral health is concerned.

Today, I’m providing you with five main reasons for bad breath.

1.Poor Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Brushing twice isn’t enough to have your oral microorganism under control. With twice brushing, you need to have a habit of flossing every day. Flossing keeps the area between your teeth clean where your brush cannot reach. Your dentist will guide you with the bruising technique you need in line with your gum health. always ask your dentist regarding the brushing technique. Many of us make mistakes while brushing, which can cause the wearing of tooth structure and surrounding structures.

2.Gum Disease

Many gum conditions are there which might cause deep pockets (a gap between tooth and gums).
These pockets become tough to wash by routine brushing. they need prompt attention from the dentist. These pockets accumulate various food scrap within them, contributing for bad breath.

3.Sinus Infection /Allergies

The mouth is in the close neighbourhood of the many sinuses in our facial structure. Common cold and alternative allergies of anyone of the sinus results in bad breath.


4. Foods Consumed/Smoking

Different strong aroma foods like an onion, garlic leaves their sturdy odour for a long in your mouth.
Smoking is another reason for bad breath. Tobacco smoke makes your oral.cavity dry, so, contributive to the bad breath.


5.Less Water Intake:

Water intake should be smart to flush the food remnants within your mouth to flush away. 3 to 5 litres of water has to be consumed per day by an average adult. But, there are many additional reasons for bad breath apart from the above mentioned 5 reasons. They might include your general body conditions.

To rule out alternative causes of bad breath, your dentist can guide you best in these things. Inform your history and habits to your doctor. Do you know how to brush and floss correctly?? Visit us.