Today i am going to tell you why you should not ignore if you have missing teeth in your mouth.

It is a common belief among us that once the diseased tooth/broken tooth is removed and symptoms are gone then everything is right. We prolong teeth replacement due to lack of awareness.

We really need to be aware of ill effects of missing teeth. In children the missing tooth or teeth needs special attention as the milk teeth sets the platform for your permanent teeth. In my earlier blogs i have detailed about the tooth eruption sequence. Visit your dentist every six month to ensure the right eruption pattern of your kids.


The ill effects…

  1. You can’t chew well which can lead to digestive difficulty affecting your overall health. You will have to sacrifice some of your favorite food which you love to eat.
  2. You actually start to look old; once you start losing teeth; physical changes to the face are a frequent result. Facial musculature start dropping down due to lack of support.
  3. There is loss of self-esteem if the missing tooth’s space is visible when you talk or smile.
  4. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth will tilt & drift into the missing tooth’s space. This will make them prone to decay & gum diseases.
  5. Missing tooth changes the alignment and balance between two jaws. This causes changes in chewing patterns and resulting in faster tooth wear.
  6. Bone needs consistent stimulus to maintain its healthy being. Missing teeth leads to lack of stimulus and faster bone loss. Replacement options get more complex once the bone width and height is compromised.

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