Missing Teeth

Today I’m about to tell you why you should not ignore if you have got missing teeth in your mouth.
It is a standard belief among us that after the unhealthy tooth/broken tooth is removed and symptoms are gone then everything is fine. We tend to prolong teeth replacement because of lack of awareness.

We really have to be compelled to remember the ill effects of missing teeth. In kids, the missing tooth or teeth would like special attention because the milk teeth set the platform for your permanent teeth. In my earlier blogs, I have detailed regarding the tooth eruption sequence. Visit your dental practitioner every six months to make sure the proper eruption pattern of your children.


The ill effects…

  1. You can’t chew well which may result in a digestive issue affecting your overall health. you may get to sacrifice a number of your favourite food that you’re keen on to eat.   
  2.  One of the key consequences of missing tooth or teeth is TMJ ( Jaw Joint Disorder) temporomandibular joint disorder. 
  3. We want a minimum of twenty-eight teeth to take care of a healthy balance in our mouth excluding the four wisdom teeth. less than twenty-eight teeth transfer the undue pressure from your teeth to the joint directly creating it more prone to wear off fast.
  4. You actually begin to appear old; once you begin losing teeth; physical changes to the face are a frequent result. Facial muscle system begins dropping down because of lack of support.
  5. There is a loss of self-esteem if the missing tooth’s space is visible once you speak or smile.
  6. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth can tilt & drift into the missing tooth’s area, this can create them liable to decay & gum diseases.
  7. Missing tooth changes the alignment and balance between 2 jaws. This causes changes in mastication patterns and leading to quicker tooth wear.
  8. Bone wants consistent stimulus to maintain its healthy being. Missing teeth ends up in a scarcity of stimulus and quicker bone loss. Replacement choices get more complex once the bone width and height is compromised.

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