Dental Treatment 

Consultation 200/-
Digital IOPA X-Ray cost  200/-
Scaling and polishing (cost of full mouth teeth cleaning depending on the severity of stains and tartar) 500/-per sitting
Cost of tooth fillings in Composite (depending upon surface involved and size of the cavity)  1000/- to   2500/-
Root Canal treatment cost (RCT)  2800/- to   4500/- per tooth
Wisdom tooth Root Canal treatment cost

Wisdom tooth removal ( Surgical)

 5000/- to   6500/- per tooth

4500/- to 6000/-

Post and core cost  2500/-
Crowns/ Caps/ Bridges Metal 
  2000/- per unit
Crowns/Caps/Bridges Ceramic
• (porcelain fused to metal)
• (CAD-CAM technique)

  4000/- per unit
  6500/- per unit
Full Zirconia  metal-free crowns
• (economical)
• (Branded- 3M/Ivoclar/Zenostar/LAVA)
• (LAVA Premium)

  8000/- per unit
  11,000/- per unit
  13,000/- per unit
Dental Laminates(indirect)  5,000/- per unit
Dental bleaching cost (Home bleach)
  5000/- per unit
Laser Dental bleaching  10,000/- full mouth
Dental Implants cost
• (Economical) –
• Mid-range
• (Premium) – 
Sinus lift procedures (Direct) (Additional charges for Bone Graft-if needed)25000/-
All charges in Indian rupees may vary with difficulty, the number of visits, and working hours.

Payment with Bajaj Finance with no cost EMI is available.