dental habits

Bad breath? bleeding Gums? Teeth Sensitivity? Do you have any of these? IF affirmative it may be because of bad dental habits.. here we can change them read the bog until the tip.

1) Don’t miss on brushing at night

Brushing at night is more vital than the morning. This is often because of in an idle state of sleep when germs become more aggressive on teeth. The food particles didn’t get flushed as they get throughout day time while gargling, drinking and lots of alternative activity we do throughout the day.

2) Do U simply CLEAN YOUR TEETH—

Gums and tongue cleanup is equally important

Cleaning the teeth only isn’t adequate you additionally ought to clean your gums as well as the tongue.
This improves blood supply to your gums to keep up it in a healthy state. The tongue has a rough surface to accumulate several bacteria which require to be cleaned after brushing.
Take an appointment with the dentist for brushing techniques and alternative oral hygiene habit guidance and demonstration.

3) Never miss Dental flossing

The brushes cannot clean the surface between 2 teeth. Most of the cavities in our mouth begin between the teeth and they develop further from there. Floss your teeth daily.

4) Visit Your dentist every six month

We suggest it go to your dentist every six months to diagnose the things well before they become advanced. For additional information visit

5) Consider fluoride use

Use of periodic fluoride in the dental clinic could be a great way to control cavity formation in your mouth.

Your dentist can check your mouth for susceptibleness of cavity formation so will advise you the right frequency for fluoride application.


6) Oral cancer screening

In India, twenty per 100 thousand populations are affected by oral cancer that accounts for about 30%of all kinds of cancer. for additional info click here

We can stop advanced dental and oral problems with very little awareness and treat them effectively in the early stages with simpler treatment choices.
We at Dhapekars Dental Care specialize in preventive measures and attempt to unfold awareness among the overall population.