Research shows  that more than 90 percent of general body disease have  signs in oral cavity.

Many of times we encounter the unexpected in our lives. Have you ever noticed your dentist warning you of having diabetes and ask you to get yourself checked? Sounds unrealistic but its true.

Few examples are :-

Heart disease

Symptom: Swollen gums,painful jaw or a radiating pain in jaws.
It sounds unrealistic  that what happens in your mouth could indicate the state of your heart but it is true. In fact
some research suggests bad oral health may cause some heart attacks in high risk individuals.“There’s a lot of suggestive evidence that people with gum disease are more at risk of heart attacks later on,” says Professor Peter Weiss berg, of the British Heart Foundation. “Good oral health makes sense.”


Symptom: Persistent bleeding
If you have your gum health under check your sugar levels are managed better.
During routine cleaning visits, the healing process of our gums can give your dentist an indication to go for your sugar level checked.
Oral cavity is a very good medium for bacteria to grow in and show their signs of presence.


Symptom: Loose teeth.

Osteoporosis has affected over 300 million women world wide.Loose teeth without any underlying local cause  may be the earliest clue for osteoporosis. Women with “hidden”
osteoporosis are three times more likely to have loose teeth than those without the disease because the bone in the jaw that holds your teeth starts to crumble.

Several other conditions like Leukemia, and Kidney disorders have their sings in your oral cavity.
So keep seeing your dentist on regular basis not only for your oral health but also for the early diagnosis of your other medical conditions you may not aware of.