Dental injections in the mouth always makes you scary…Every patient walking in the dental clinic comes with preoccupied mind that he has to take injection in the mouth that is going to be very painful.Most of the fainting attacks in dental practice is the result of the same anxiety which we carry with ourselves long before the scheduled appointment with the dentist..
It gradually increases as the actual treatment starts in the dental office reaching at its peak when you sits on a dental chair…
This fear is the measure cause of the fainting attacks but not the actual pain.Considerable evidence for the relationship between anxiety and pain in dentistry exists.
A study has been carried out with anxious dental patients and normal dental patients.The response was calculated  for the pain stimulus.However, as expected, highly anxious dental patients indicated more pain, which was of longer duration, than normal patients. The patient with normal anxiety level had low pain indications of shorter duration.At the same time the patients with second injections were more cooperative with less pain indications.

With surface anesthetic gels and a use of proper techniques the dental injections have become virtually painless.Topical (surface)anesthetics numb the nerves 2 to 3 millimeters below the surface. They usually are effective for 15 to 30 minutes.

So next time you visit a dental clinic go with a relaxed mind and let the doctor give you his best to you!!!!