dental injection

Are you scared of dental injections? Most of you’ll say yes! But are they really painful ??

You’ll be shocked to know that dental injections are the least painful injections among all different injection sites. Yes, It’s true.

A study has been done with anxious dental patients and normal dental patients. The response was calculated for the pain information. However, needless to say, extremely anxious(carrying fear in their mind) dental patients indicated a lot of pain that was for a longer period, than normal patients.

The patient with normal anxiety levels had low pain indications of a shorter period. At constant time, the patients with second injections were a lot of cooperative with fewer pain indications.

This shows that the pain response to the injections is strictly psychological and depends on the anxiety level you carry.

Dental injections within the mouth invariably make you scary. Most of the patient walking in the dental clinic comes with a preoccupied mind that he needs to take an injection within the mouth that’s getting to be terribly painful.

Most of the fainting attacks in practice are the results of constant anxiety that we carry with ourselves long before the regular appointment with the dental practitioner…
It gradually increases as the actual treatment starts within the dental workplace reaching at its peak once you sit on a dental chair.

How do we handle it? the fear to go to a dental clinic

We have 5 quick tips to handle it and more here.

This fear is the major reason behind the fainting attacks but not the actual pain. Considerable proof of the connection between anxiety and pain in medical specialty exists.

With surface anesthetic gels and use of correct techniques, the dental injections became nearly painless

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Effect of Dental injections lasts from half an hour to 3.5 hours depending on the type of anaesthesia used.

Dental anaesthesia is extremely safe and has rare side effects. Most of the after anaesthesia effects are due to patients anxiety and fear.

With topical gels and sprays, dental numbing shots are extremely comfortable.