Dental First Aid 

Its holiday and you have got pain in your tooth/teeth!! in middle of night you have got some dental issues! What to do???
We have heard about first aid in other injuries. Dental First aid for such consequences are not much known among the general population.

Today i am trying to give you some tips  to handle such situation. At times  your dentist is not readily available  and you have to wait for some time before you actually get his appointment.

We will start from most common.

Pain In Midnight:

Dental pain gets worse at nights. So if you are well known about the fact that you have got and existing problem and pain has been there throughout the day always take medication before going to bed as advised by your doctor.
Always remember don’t apply any heat pack unless advised by your dentist in case of dental pain. Apply ice pack instead. It will help  relieve the pain and discomfort. Keep the basic painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen but should only be taken as directed by your doctor.

Warning:- Do not make habit of self medication it is detrimental to your health in long run.

 Accidental Fall/Knocked Out Of A Tooth

In case of domestic injuries to the tooth and tooth comes out do not panic. Take the sterile cotton and chew on at the site to stop bleeding and keep the tooth soaked in milk in a small container till you visit to your dentist. There are chances in many cases where your natural tooth can be replanted again at the original site.

Dental Wax

Dental wax can help you for discomfort and cheek irritation occurring due to wearing braces and chipped off teeth.

Sterile Gauze

It is easily available in any medical shop and it can be use to cover any wound inside the mouth to prevent the wound from contamination as well as it helps to stop the bleeding.

i hope these tips will help you ! 😊

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