Dental Ethics

We at Dhapekar’s dental Care have vowed to adhere strictly to the code of conduct as laid down by Indian Dental Association. In today’s world of competition and saturation of dentists, many have stirred away from this path making the common man vulnerable to malpractice, poor quality and high prices.

  1. We provides good quality treatment and we are equipped with latest instruments, machines and We do not give anything for FREE….as the quality you will get in free services is definitely not up to standards.
  2. We follow strict sterilization techniques which are required to maintain not only your health but also for our own safety.
  3. We work as a team. So based on your case, your treatment will be carried out by the concerned specialists and our dentists as a teamwork.
  4. We are trained in emergency medical services. If during the course of your treatment any emergency arises, we also have tie ups with local hospitals and ambulance service is available always On Call.
  5. We do not cater to cheap advertising modes thereby maintaining the integrity of our profession.
  6. Treatment cost will be informed to you in the beginning of treatment. All records are properly maintained so there is no chance of any misunderstanding.
  7. Our team members are routinely screened by the our team to maintain our quality of services.