We all have our own fears…Fear of Spiders,
Fear of Heights; Fear of Darkness…the list is unending. 
But fear of dentist?  
Yes, this too is a common fear faced by many
of us, adults and children alike. So what are the reasons that cause this
Let us look into them…
A past painful episode in the dental
chair that lasts in our memories forever.
     Fear of injection…this is the most common one. We
cannot imagine what it would be like to take an injection in the mouth.
     Fear of pain: dental pain is one the most painful
pains known.
     Sound of the drill: this is unpleasant for many,
especially children.
     Fear of losing control: we feel tied to the dental
chair once we are sitting on it, cornered by the dentist.

So what should we do about this?

Because of this fear you cannot avoid going
to the dentist, 

The best solution to this is to gather up
your courage and speak to your dentist frankly about it.

Earlier you find your problem lesser will be
the complexity of the treatment.

Speaking out about your fears with the
dentist is the first step.

Start from conservative and small procedures
such as routine cleaning, anti cavity varnish application, this will get you
the feel of procedure and you will start visiting dentist quiet regularly and

Third and last step is regular follow up to
stop your existing problem to get worse and to stop new problems to establish
in your mouth.

With great advances and techniques in the field of dentistry its is possible to give the patients today a painless root canal treatment,painless dental injections and other cosmetic makeovers.