dental pain covid 19

Dental pain is the commonest complaint among 95% of the population at a particular point in time.
It becomes harder to handle pain once we are in such a scenario where going out to the health care facility gives us the goosebumps. Yes, I’m talking about the COVID 19 situation.
Common causes of dental pain are dental sensitivity, gum swellings, a deep cavity, fractured tooth, or pain due to erupting teeth. The dental pain is a sign of an emergency as the intensity is severe and at times it doesn’t get better without specific treatment.

Most of the time pain may be a sign of something which needs immediate attention. We can’t wait further to deteriorate the condition which then would require more complex treatment in the future.

Take Following Steps If You experience Any Symptoms Pain Or Discomfort.

1. Call Your Dentist

As soon as you started experiencing symptoms or any visible changes in your mouth call your dentist. Explain to him about the problem. Depending on your age and other medical condition he might prescribe you some medications for pain relief.

2. Fix An Appointment

Depending on the situation your dentist will guide you about the appointment within the clinic to get the problem thoroughly checked.

3. Don’t Avoid Or Delay

Avoiding dental pain may cause short term or future complications. Going to a dental clinic is as good as going to buy a grocery or going for any other official work. You will be fine if you follow all the guidelines recommended by the authorities.
There is much guesswork goes on within the society about COVID 19 and its spreads and so is the fake news as well.
If we take precautions, we can minimize the risk.

We All Know What Precautions We’ve To Take While Moving Out But There Are Some Additions To The List When It Comes To Visit The Dental Clinic. Nobody Knows As Of Today When Will COVID Pandemic Will Go.

Important Instruction:-

  1. Minimize or eliminate wearing a wristwatch, hand and body jewelry, and carrying of additional accessories bags Wallets, etc. II.
  2. Wear a facemask during transport and before entering the premises.
  3. Have a mouth wash rinse with 10 ml of the 0.5% solution of the PVP-I solution.
  4. Have the body temperature checked and use a sanitizer on the entrance.
  5. Patients consent and declaration to be obtained in a physical print out or electronic system.

Yes, you should not delay the pain and discomfort symptoms. With all guidelines given above, you can safely visit the dental clinic. You should also follow your regular dental check-up visits and follow up visits.

No, there is not even a single piece of evidence of spread from food.

most common symptoms of coronavirus are Dry cough, fever, and body ache, runny nose is not common in the corona.

We have very little information about this virus as of now. with precautions and prompt care, the death rate is very low. Normal flu kills around 1 percent population if infected, Corona has slightly more numbers of casualties in India. But that can go down with more specific treatment options in the future.

There is no confirmative evidence of corona spreading through the air. In the latest research reports, it has found that corona spreads like other flu infections by droplets coming out of infected persons cough/sneeze/ breath.

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