Computer-guided Dental Implants:

Dental implant research in their design and their placement techniques are evolving at an excellent pace.
We at Dhapekars dental care operating towards providing the minimally invasive procedure that is more comfortable and more accurate. As long as dental implants are involved it’s important and demanding to put implants in the correct direction and of correct dimension for it to last in a long haul.
Guided Implants are the entire answer for your missing tooth/teeth with immeasurable advantages which we’ll discuss today.
The concept:- The guided implant surgery system set up your implant placement direction and its dimension outside your mouth on a computer with the assistance of specialised software. Hence is more accurate and saves a lot of surgical time.

Six Major advantages Of guided implant System                                                        1 Minute Video Demonstration

1) Precise and correct implant placement:-

One of the foremost apparent advantages of computer-guided implant surgery is that it allows more precise and correct placement of dental implants than traditional ways. With guided implant surgery, computed tomography (CT) scans are taken of the jaw and used to produce three-D pictures of the oral structures. A special computer program uses this data to form a surgical template that is used to verify the best locations for placement.

2) Reduced Risk:-

Computer-guided implant technology makes it possible to visualize the anatomical structures of the jaw, teeth, and close tissue, thereby reducing the risks of surprising complications throughout surgery furthermore as permitting the doctor to understand specifically where the implant should be placed.

3) Reduced surgical time and quicker recovery:-

Because a definite surgical model is made, there’s no guesswork with guided implant surgery. this permits the procedure to be completed quicker than traditional implant surgery thus patients will begin the recovery process sooner.

4) Better patient education:-

Computer-guided implant technology is predicated on elaborate scans of the oral structures. These pictures could also be accustomed make a case for the implant procedure furthermore on educating patients concerning their oral health.

5) Can restore your mastication functions right away:-

Traditional implant surgery needs many months to heal before the dental function is totally fixed up. With computer-guided implant surgery, several candidates can receive same-day implants. Same-day restorations enable patients to relish restored dental function after only 1 treatment.

6) Can facilitate to the patients already having implants:-

Computer-guided surgery may additionally be useful for those that have existing dental implants. Computer-guided technology makes it potential to see the precise location of existing implants, making certain that further implants are placed within the ideal locations.

Cost Factor:- 

Guided implant surgery doesn’t add up your implant budget to great extent..minimal guide preparation price is additional to the total budget of your implants. In return, the certainty of implant becomes a lot of definitive with a target-hunting approach that is worth that extra value.

If you’re missing one or additional teeth, guided implant surgery could also be useful for your dental restoration desires. to find out additional concerning the procedure, we tend to invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr Deepak Dhapekar at your earliest convenience.            Book Appointment Now