Dental cap/crown

Dentistry has advanced in several aspects in recent times the pace of its advancement is incredibly high in India. Dental crowns /dental Cap aren’t void of these advancements. There are numerous research happening within the field of dental medicine to create the dental crown more acceptable to the patients biologically moreover as pocket-friendly in the long run.

The goal of ideal replacement to be given to the patient is to make him aware of all the 

newest replacement choices that are available.

Why and when we need the dental crown/ dental cap??

Most of the time in the following 3 things you would like a dental crown/dental bridge

1) After root canal Treatment

2) To replace A missing tooth or teeth.

3) Crown on IMPLANT

A dental crown restores the strength of the missing tooth structure so that it will either look like your missing tooth or do the functional chewing as you were doing it before losing it.

We have seen future consequences of missing teeth that aren’t fixed in our previous blogs

What are the various types of dental cap/crowns available?

There are a variety of crowns available these days however broadly speaking they’re divided into 3 basic classes.

a) Metal Crown– cobalt Chromium/nickel chromium

b) Metal-ceramic (porcelain) crown also known as PFM crown

c) Metal-free crowns –Zirconia crown/ E-max crowns

Which is the best crown?

We face this question typically in our practices wherever patients are concerned regarding the best crown in terms of durability and comfort.

Best are decided on a variety of things just like the loading on the crown on specific teeth like back teeth crown can have additional biting pressure than the front. And there are a variety of such factors (mechanical and biological) that are to be thought of while deciding the most effective crown for you.

These factors are best to leave on professional (dentist) to determine after a thorough examination.

What is zirconia Crowns?

Zirconium oxide is a metal that is worldwide mined in several countries. These crowns are higher in strength and with several modifications lately, the lack of translucency of those crowns is compensated. they’re currently made to appear like your natural tooth. however, zirconium oxide crowns are well-known for their strength than their appearance.

What are Emax crowns?

These are premium crowns that are an ideal combination of appearance and strength. These are created of lithium distillate that is more translucent and good in strength. These crowns not only save the tooth structure however additionally offer you a wonderful match to your natural tooth.

What are Cad Cam Crowns??

This is not the different class of the crown. they’re the same crown factory-made with the assistance of computer and software systems. This method offers you additional accuracy and preciseness of your crown margins.

The majority of crown these days are factory-made by cad cam techniques. Ask your dental practitioner for the CAD-CAM crowns because it affects the durability of your crown in the long-term.

There are several other factors which change from person to person, to have complete counseling regarding your need book your appointment now    


Certain basic facts regarding crown are metal-free crowns needed less tooth reduction and that they are more translucent so looks lively compared to alternative choices. In the case of bridges, the metal-free crown are lighter in weight than metal counterparts.

What is the cost of ceramic dental cap/ crown in Pune?

Ceramic crown typically cost you from 3800 to 5000 rs. With warranty and CAD CAM technique it may cost you more.

Which is the cheapest dental cap/ crown?

Stainless still crowns are the cheapest the cost of stainless still crown varies from 1500 rs to 2500 rs.

What is Zirconia crown cost in Pune ?

Zirconia cap/crown cost you around 6000 to 10000 rs depending on the quality and method used to prepare it.

What is dental bridge cost in Pune ?

Bridge contains minimum 3 crowns,so whichever type of crown you select will make it multiply by the number of units present in the bridge.

What is better dental implant or bridge?

It is always better to go for Implant than a bridge due to so many different reason find out here .