Dental Erosion:-(Acid erosion)


Acid Erosion is chemical wearing of your tooth structure. This causes mainly because of acidic food which we consume on daily basis.

Dental/ acid  erosion is quiet common in children and adults. Foods containing Ph level below 5 are considered as acidic food.

Prolonged  contact with acid with the tooth surface leads to softening of tooth surface. The mineral strength to hold a tooth intact goes of quickly with the acid contact.If it is not diagnosed and treated in early stage it can cause severe tooth loss leading to pain and sensitivity.

There can be some contributory factors for chemical erosion such as

• Acid re flux problems from your stomach(GERD),

• Low saliva volume in your oral cavity which acts as neutralizer of acid,

• Long term use of chewing medications such as vitamin c and aspirin.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop eating citrus fruits. You can avoid certain high acid food products such as carbonated beverages.Always after eating citrus fruits  clear your mouth of acid remnants by gargling with water thoroughly.


Treatment of acid erosion depends of the severity of the damaged tooth structure.

You can always discuss with your dentist any of such symptoms you have noticed in your mouth.

As a preventive measure using fluoride varnish helps as a barrier between acids and tooth surface.
Treatment of underlying causes such as acid re flux and less salivary volumes will always help.

Even if you are already having the advanced symptoms of chemical erosion there are variety of restorative options available in modern dentistry to deal with such conditions.

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