broken teeth

You Make It late And It Will Break

Do you know the broken tooth has 70 % less chances of restoring it compare to when it is intact?

In 80 % cases tooth do not show symptoms until it is broken or badly decayed. Tooth bacteria love to work secretly. The effect is unnoticed unless they have made substantial damage to your tooth structure. At times they form tunnel like cavity keeping the upper surface intact. And all of a sudden it breaks down while chewing on a candy, apple or even softer things.

It is difficult to find out such cavities by open eye. They are to be examined with special instruments and equipment in dental clinic. Bad news is Our teeth has no regenerative tendencies as other tissues in the body but the good news is you can prevent them easily from getting to breaking point.

When to see a dentist?

  •  Bad breath even after brushing twice a day.
  •  Black or grey spots on your teeth.
  •  Gum swelling between the teeth.
  •  Unpleasant taste in your mouth.
  •  Sensitivity with hot/cold/sweets.
  •  Frequent food entrapment between the teeth and on to the chewing surface.
  • If u haven’t seen dentist since last 6 month.

Cavities go deep and can damage your tooth nerves, gums, jaw bones.So stop it from spreading it to nerves and bone.Tooth decay in early stages is much easier and cheaper to treat.

With tooth colored filling you wont even realize the decayed tooth is restored.The strength of filling material is good enough to last for years.

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